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This page is for you if

You are sensitive to art

Your space is lifeless

There's something vibrant missing from your walls

You like beauty

You are looking for a quality work

➡️You need Fine art, art prints

➡️You are ready to let yourself be moved

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My story

Around the age of 16, the magic of the image made me feel a deep emotion.  From then on I knew that I wanted to take photos, become a storyteller and have people feel the intensity that can inhabit us all.

I began my professional career in 2001, while still studying photography at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. I worked as a photoreporter for ten years, covering cultural, political and corporate events. I discovered that my lens accentuated my hypersensitivity and made me see beyond the mask that people might put up in public. I was confronted with their discomfort, their anxieties and other unpleasant feelings despite the smiles. People downplay their true self and often have a distorted image of themselves.

This troubling observation led me to an in-depth interest in people, introspection and psychology. I wanted to show people that they are beautiful and so much more.  Actually, I wanted them to feel it.  In 2014, I developed my self-esteem project ‘’I am a work of art’’ and enrolled in psychology in University. My interest in personal development grew deeper through coaching and intervention classes.  I obtained my diploma at the Center for Professional Training in Human Relations (CFPRH).

My everyday mission is to make you feel emotions through my art and as a certified therapist, I can help you understand these emotions for a better life, to breathe again and free yourself. There are several paths to becoming happier.  Which will you take ?

Over here you will make the inner beauty vibrate

By enriching your walls with inspiring images that unleash your emotions

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